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Walking Tips for Older Adults

Older Adults
1. Tell your healthcare provider if you have any pain or problems walking:
It’s important to be healthy before walking, but don’t let that stop you from starting. Many older adults start feeling better once they start moving.

2. Plan a walking program with your healthcare provider:
A healthcare provider may advise you to start at just one or two blocks at first if you are currently inactive. Starting slow and steady is very important for anyone just starting out.

3. Wear the right shoes:
Comfortable shoes that provide good support are recommended for anyone participating in any type of exercise.

4. Get a walking buddy:
Initiating a walking buddy will not only keep you company while you walk, but they can provide help for you during a time of need.

5. Don’t let a cane or walker stop you:
It’s okay to use a can or walker. These improve your balance and help take the load off painful joints.

6. Aim for the right pace:
It is important to walk fast, but avoid walking too fast. You should be able to easily chat with fellow walkers when walking.