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How to Get Started

1. Start Slow and Easy:
If you are an avid walker, continue what you’re doing. If you have been recently inactive, it is a good idea to start slow and easy. When you first walk, only go as far and as fast as comfortable. This may only be a few minutes, but let it become your starting point. After a few minutes become easier, you can slowly increase your duration. For example, start at 5 to 10 minutes for a week. Then, increase to 15 minutes over the next week. Then, over several weeks time, you can increase to 30 to 60 minutes of walking each day.

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2. Measure the Intensity of Your Workout:
Check your heart rate during your walks. Knowing this will allow you to increase the intensity to maximize your workout or slow down to avoid overdoing it.

3. Set Goals:
Set realistic goals for you that are challenging, yet attainable. An example would be 30 minutes of walking five days a week.

4. Track Progress:
Keeping record of the distance you walk and the time it takes can help you get started on working toward you goal. For example, some people may feel inspired to know how many miles they’ve walked in a month or year.

5. Stay Motivated:
Stay motivated by keeping walking fun. If you don’t like walking alone, invite your spouse, partner, friend, or neighbor. You can also join a health club and use a treadmill. Another way to stay motivated is by varying your route. You can do this by planning several different walking routes for variety.