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Dietary Tips for Active Individuals

Fruits and Veggies1. Aim to have three different types of food at each meal (ex. fruit, dairy, protein)

2. Choose whole, natural foods more often (ex. fresh fruit vs. juice, whole grain bread vs. white)

3. Think and eat in moderation, make room for favorites. 

4. Include a minimum of five fruits and vegetables a day.

5. Carbohydrates are key energy sources for active individuals, so make them count. Choose higher fiber or whole grain choices.

6. Limit saturated fat and concentrated sweets.

7. Increase variety in your diet by including whole, natural, and nutrient rich foods.

8. Always ensure adequate hydration.Dietary Tips Water

9. For maximal benefits, try consuming a carbohydrate and protein snack ½ to 2 hours before your workout. This will provide the energy you will need to perform your activity.

10. Upon completion of your workout consume a carbohydrate protein rich snack. The carbohydrates will ensure your body will have enough energy to build up it’s energy stores, and the protein will help repair and strengthen muscle.