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Be Active

Community: Where to be active
Indoor Walking Brochure 
Bike F M
Map My Run 
Map My Ride 

Education: How and why to be active
Benefits of Physical Activity 
23 ½ Hours Video 
Be Active at Home and Work 
Commute by Bike (pdf)
Bike Safety Video

Centersfor Disease Control and Prevention Guidelines:

  • Adults and Older Adults
    The CDC recommends 30 minutes a day of aerobic activity and 2 or more days of muscle-strength activities.
  • Children 
    The CDC recommends 60 minutes of aerobic activity daily and 3 days per week of muscle strengthening activities, such as gymnastics or push-ups.
  • Healthy Pregnant or Postpartum Women
    The CDC states that is it ok to be physically active. 

Initiatives: Working to make the healthy choice-the easy choice
CassClay Alive!

National Programs

Lets Move

  Safe Routes

Fuel Up60