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September 21, 2012 Board of Health Minutes

Nicholas Dorsher, DDS; Diane Moderow; Ken Pawluk; Richard Rohla, MD; and Mike Thorstad
Excused: Michelle Donarski, JD; Dinah Goldenberg; and Tim Mahoney, MD
Others Present: Larry Anenson, Ruth Bachmeier, Myron Berglund, Desi Fleming, Doug Murphy, Melissa Perala, Jenny Rau (Minot State Student); Megan Ripplinger (Minot State Student); Abigail Vetter (Minnesota State University Moorhead Student); and Kim Vance

Ken Pawluk, acting chair, called the meeting to order.

Announcements: Ruth introduced Dan Aufman, Chief Chemist, who will be doing updates on what our laboratory is doing at the November 16 Board of Health meeting. Went through Public Health basic and advanced quizzes.

Approve minutes from June 26, 2012: Mike Thorstad made a motion to approve the minutes, Diane Moderow seconded, and motion carried.

Reports: Budget Report presented by Melissa through August 31, 2012.  Talked about infant immunization, environmental grant, and not billing until contracts approved.  Circulated copies of “Other Services Breakdown” for August and Ken asked that it be done for next month also.

Health Officer Report: Dr. Baird was gone today.

Second Quarter Statistics: Nothing was unusual except one area in environmental lab testing had a significant increase.

Family Planning Update and Proposed Rate Changes: Larry Anenson gave a PowerPoint with background information on family planning program, cost analysis, and update on rates for the clinic.  Discussed uninsured clients, Affordable Health Care Act, insurance companies getting a good deal at our clinic, the need to serve teens and abused women, the need to provide services that cannot be accessed through other services, and funding from the City of Fargo to cover costs.  We are having an in depth site review by the State Health Dept next week. Diane Moderow made a motion to accept the updated fee schedule as presented, Dick Rohla seconded, and motion carried.

2012 Legislative Session: Ruth circulated 2012 Legislative Session handout and discussed State Aid Increase, Regional Network Projects, oil impact, immunizations, on-site sewer statewide code, and smoke free initiated measure.

SE North Dakota Public Health Collaborative: We received an $80,000 grant from the Bush foundation for the next three years to see if collaborative efforts can make a positive health change.  What is the impact in the community after the fact?  Will have this on agenda every other meeting.

Building Updates: Family HealthCare is moving out of our current building next month.  We assumed we would all move into our building but other options are being discussed as well.  We pay over $120,000 a year in rent.  The goal is to bring everyone under one roof from six different buildings.  Water treatment and Public Safety Building staff will stay where they need to be.  Other city departments are also looking to expand and meet other city needs.

Adjournment: Next meeting is Friday, November 16, 2012.