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June 26, 2012 BOH Minutes


Present: Michelle Donarski, JD; Nicholas Dorsher, DDS; Dinah Goldenberg; Diane Moderow; and Mike Thorstad
Excused: Tim Mahoney, MD; Ken Pawluk; and Richard Rohla, MD
Others Present: Larry Anenson, Ruth Bachmeier, Myron Berglund, Desi Fleming, Bethany Myles (Intern), Melissa Perala, and Kim Vance

Michelle Donarski called the meeting to order.

Announcements: Things are going very smoothly with the new practice management and billing system. We will begin electronic medical records this fall. 
Our first building remodeling meeting will be later this week. Family HealthCare Center is moving out of our building and the plan is to renovate and move as many staff as possible back into our building. Will start preliminary plans on what our needs are because we are in six different buildings. 

Approve minutes from March 23, 2012: Mike Thorstad made a motion to approve the minutes, Dinah Goldenberg seconded, and motion carried.

Budget 2013: Ruth explained the budget trends across the nation and decreasing federal grants and self pay funds. Utilizing cost analysis studies and quality improvement to determine how to improve efficiency and effectiveness of programming. Continue to monitor the Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act. Preparing for the legislative session so we can get more state aid for public health.
Went through each line item of the revenue and expenses and explained decreases and increases. Largest reduction was in bioterrorism of 14 percent and AFIX (immunization compliance program) sub contract is gone completely. Explained regional network project Bush Foundation grant. Questions regarding misc account category and other services. City of Fargo is increasing where the grants are decreasing. Discussed Cass County increases with regard to the school contracts. Increases in Correctional Health were just salary and COLA. West Fargo proposal was an increase of $17,000. Talked about all the beneficial services that West Fargo gets from public health.
Diane Moderow made a motion to approve the 2013 budget proposals. Nicholas Dorsher seconded and motion carried.

Adjournment: Next meeting is Friday, September 21, 2012.