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January 18, 2013 BOH Minutes

JANUARY 18, 2013, 12:10 p.m.

Present: Michelle Donarski, JD; Dinah Goldenberg; Tim Mahoney, MD Richard Rohla, MD; and Mary Scherling.

Excused: Nicholas Dorsher, DDS; Carol Grimm; Diane Moderow; and Mike Thorstad.

Others Present: Larry Anenson, Ruth Bachmeier, John Baird, MD; Myron Berglund, Doug Murphy, Melissa Perala, and Toby Yak (intern).

Dinah Goldenberg, vice chair called the meeting to order until Chair Michelle Donarski arrived.

Welcomed new BOH members: Introduced Mary Scherling, Cass County Commissioner, Carol Grimm who was not present, will represent the city at large position.

Announcements: Ruth said the city is very close to finalizing the purchase of the CVS SunMart building. Temporary move of nursing staff would save $100,000 before the entire staff of about 90 moves to the new location. Emergency Preparedness staff will stay at Public Safety Building and laboratory staff will stay at water treatment building. Tim Mahoney asked if our staffing needs would go down after health reform. We anticipate continued growth in the population based activities and would shift clinical staff to population based services as needed if clinical services decreased.
Approveminutes from September 21, 2012: Dr. Rohla made a motion to approve the minutes, Dinah Goldenberg seconded and motion carried.
Budget Report through December 2012: Revenue totaled 100 percent and expenses came in under budget at 97 percent. Discussed FP Title X guidelines which gives priority to low income and underinsured and why education is very relevant. Smoking cessation Quitline has been picked up by the State of ND.
Health Officer Report: Dr. Baird talked about TB outbreak in Grand Forks, media interviews for influenza, emergency preparedness, and working with school and public health nurses. The health officer is about half time and also works for the North Dakota Department of Health, and is involved with a number of issues including health disparities and tribal health issues. Coroner for Cass County since 1983. During last legislative session updated forensic laws in North Dakota. Dr. Mahoney had a question about doing autopsies and the cost.
Fourth Quarter Statistics: Ruth said overall numbers look very consistent with previous years. Correctional health numbers are up. Our nursing maternal child visits are down but we focus on high risk families. Mary had a question on Correctional Health. Prisoners are sicker and have more chronic illness and it becomes a significant issue. Michelle Donarski questioned pet store inspections.
Influenza Update: There is a significant increase in influenza this year. 1600 confirmed cases so far with 4 deaths confirmed last week. We still advise the public to be vaccinated because as most influenza seasons last for about three months. Talked about statewide call, recommended treatments, Tamiflu treatment, nursing home treatments, and 360,000 (1/2 population was vaccinated in North Dakota).

South East North Dakota Public Health Collaborative: Ruth gave a PowerPoint presentation regarding the collaborative which ties into Senate Bill 2030 in southeastern North Dakota project. Looking on processes and focusing on quality improvement, Environmental Health, and accreditation.

2013 Legislative Session: Discussed if state aide may increase $110,000 to our agency and how we may use it to address child and adult obesity. Also, there is a fiscal note for childhood immunizations and significant impact from oil in western North Dakota. SB 2030 Regional Public Health Network addresses resources with incentive for collaboration and Ruth will testify in Bismarck on the collaborative. Watching child restraints, on-site sewer, tanning regulations, and ND smoke free laws also.

“This is Public Health” Video: Ruth will send link for this 20 minute public health video.
Dr. Rohla made a motion to adjourn and Dinah Goldenberg seconded.

Adjournment: Next meeting is Friday, March 15, 2013.