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January 17, 2014 BOH Minutes

Fargo Cass Public Health
Board of Health
12:03 p.m.

Present: Dinah Goldenberg, Carol Grimm, Neil Larson, Chad Peterson, and Mike Thorstad
Excused: Nicholas Dorsher, DDS; Tim Mahoney, MD; and Richard Rohla, MD
Others Present: Larry Anenson, Ruth Bachmeier, John Baird, MD, MPH; Jan Eliassen; Desi Fleming; Grant Larson, Melissa Perala, and Kim Vance

Dinah Goldenberg, Chair, called the meeting to order.
Additions to Agenda: Family Planning Grant Review and Casselton Training Derailment
Announcements: Formally welcomed Chad Peterson (Cass County Commission) to the Board of Health. Recognized Grant Larson as new Director of Environmental Health and introduced Jan Eliassen, Director of Gladys Ray Shelter - VA Drop in Center – Detox.
Approve minutes from September 20, 2013: Carol Grimm moved to approve the minutes from September 20, 2013, Mike Thorstad seconded, and motion carried.

Reports: Health Officer Report: Dr. Baird circulated copies, and talked about his job as Health Officer, State Health Field Medical Officer, and Medical Coroner for Cass County.

Budget Report through December 2013: Melissa said yearend revenue is at 106 percent. Talked about highest line item of Ryan White (people living with HIV AIDS) and how we get reimbursed from the State. It was getting added to other services before and now it is separate. Expenses looked good and came in under budget. 

Year End Statistics: Circulated at meeting. Ruth discussed environmental health, seeing some decreases in our clinical services, and leveling off of health track lab services. Because our numbers were decreasing in family planning we are now serving Richland and Sargent County communities for family planning services. Nursing services numbers are still busy, especially in correctional health. In the tobacco area the good news is that our compliance checks have improved in the county. Alcohol compliance is down a little also for the percentage.
Gladys Ray Shelter/Detox/Veterans Drop In Center: Circulated handout which gave history of co-location of Shelter and Detox. The City owned and operated the shelter end and the operation of the Detox end was operated by Centre, Inc. As of January 1, the Fargo City Commission approved the GRS, VA Drop In Center, and Detox move under the health department with Jan Eliassen as Director of all areas. Our next steps are working towards that service connection for clients’ mental health care and want to offer the same connection service on the Detox side. Staffed 24 hours a day for 25 beds for men and 10 for women for shelter services with a strong partnership with VA for clients that are homeless. The staff of the shelter is involved throughout the community and we are always out there trying to enhance services. Talked about residency, transport, and medical Detox available in Minnesota for ND residents.
Updating Board of Health Bylaws and Board Positions: Mike Thorstad made a motion to start reviewing and updating the bylaws and board positions. Carol Grimm seconded, and motion carried with a formal instruction to review.
Building Update: The goal is for this project to go to bid in January with completion in twelve to fifteen months. Internal work on Asbestos removal is being completed. We want to include the coroner space in alternative bids so Cass County can make decisions on the utilization of that space. Police department and other city department are looking at that space.

Family Planning Grant: Larry Anenson circulated the Work Plan Summary, talked about the reproduction health program and how it saves the community money.  The anticipated amount of the family planning grant is approximately $175,000 which includes $10,000 for depression screening.  Chad Peterson made a motion to support the grant application, Carol Grimm seconded, and motion carried.

Casselton Train Derailment: Dr. Baird discussed the train derailment December 30th.  We were a big part of the response with Environmental, emergency preparedness, Health Officer, and FM and Casselton ambulance in the unified command center.  Discussed evacuation plan, emergency shelter, response of NDDoH for the Health, and clean up phase. Dinah says she knows people in Casselton who were grateful for what we did cooperatively and appreciated all the work that we did. Everyone is astonished on how well we work together much praise to everyone involved. Ruth thanked our staff also. 

Adjournment: Next meeting is Friday, March 21 at noon.