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Thornless Honey-locust

Gleditsia triacanthos var. inermis

35' x 30', yellow fall color, medium growth rate.

A heavily underutilized tree variety in our region.  Most people are turned off by its initial apperance, but as it ages it starts to shine.  This tree is very tolerant of urban soils and is an excellent choice when growing in adverse conditions.  Each leaflet is quite small and gives itself a finer textured apperance.  Fall color is yellow and its growth rate is medium to fast; also, its devoid of thorns and seed pods. Northern Acclaim Honey-locust, developed at NDSU, is the highest recommended variety of this tree.  Pruning is not recommended for this tree during the growing season, winter pruning is the best. 

Close up of a leaf.

Honey LocustHoney-locust