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Kentucky Coffeetree

Gymnocladus dioica

50' tall x 40' spread, open branching pattern, yellow/brown fall color.  Hardiness Zone 3.

This tree is a heavily underutilized specie in the upper Midwest with a medium growth rate. The tree offers unique winter interest with its coarse branch pattern. Few pests attack it.  The major drawback with this tree is its propensity for seed pods at maturity.  Also, this tree is one of the last to leaf out in the spring.  This can be viewed as either good or bad; yes, it takes a while longer to see the leaves, but when late spring frosts hurt other trees this one is still protected.  The buds of this treeare also extremely small and difficult to see which cause concern to some people but is completely normal.

The state champion is found in a front yard along 4th Street North in Fargo. 

Kentucky Coffeetree