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Fallgold Black Ash

Fraxinus nigra 'Fallgold'

50' tall x 30' wide, upright growth habit, yellow fall color, Hardiness Zone 2.

Fallgold Ash was once readily used as a replacement species for American Elm, but because of poor health it is no longer being used by the City of Fargo.  Between 2000 and 2008 our collection has dwindled from a population of 2,500 to 850. Though exact reasons for the decline in health and death of this tree are unclear, many minor factors can be attributed.

Some of the first symptoms that we are finding is a general thinning of the canopy, usually caused by a number of insects that feed on the buds which affects leaf expansion.  Further decline leads to splits and cankers in the trunk; once it reaches this point the tree is on an irreversible downward spiral.

This general decline is frustrating as we have had researchers, pathologists, nurserymen and more unsuccessfully try to help mitigate this trees issues in Fargo.