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This tree was once heavily used as a replacement species for American Elm due to its ease of establishment and its ability to thrive in our harsh climate.  Consequently, our boulevards in Fargo are nearly 40% ash.  It has been heavily overplanted the past 30 years and with the introduction of Emerald Ash Borer in the state of Michigan in 2002 the outlook for ash appears bleak.  There are 5 main types of Ash in Fargo; Green, Black, White, Mancana, and hybrid.

At this time the city of Fargo is not planting any ash along city right of way. 

Green Ash and its cultivars
   Prairie Spire

Black Ash 

White Ash
   Northern Blaze
   Autumn Blaze

Hybrid Ash
   Northern Gem
   Northern Treasure

Mancana Ash

Prairie Spire horizontal 
Prairie Spire Ash