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NDSU   Numbered Street Names   Dams
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Auburn Ave S
Adams St S
Administration Ave N(NDSU)
Agassiz Xing S
Aggregate Industries Dr N
Albrecht Blvd N(north end - NDSU)
Albrecht Blvd N(south end - NDSU)
Amber Valley Ct S
Amber Valley Pkwy S
American Way S
April Ln N (Edgewood Trailer Court)
Arbor Ct S
Arrowhead Rd S
Arthur Dr S
Ash St N
Ashton Ct S
Ashwood Loop S
Atlantic Dr S
Autumn Dr S
Avery Ln S

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Baja Ln S (Buena Vista Trailer Court)
Barrett St N
Beach Ln S
Bennett Ct S
Birch Ln S
Birchwood Ct S
Birdie St N
Bishops Blvd S
Bluegrass Dr N(Meadow Park Trailer Ct N)
Bluemont Lakes
Bluestem Ct S(private drive)
Bohnet Blvd N
Bolley Dr N(NDSU)
Brandt Dr S
Bristlecone Loop S
Broadway N
Broadway S
Buchanan St S
Burrell Ct N
Burritt St S

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Calico Dr S
Carrie Rose Ln S
Casino St N (Riviera Height's Trailer Court)
Cass Hwy 20 N (40 Ave N)
Cass Hwy 31 N (16 St N)
Cedar Ave N
Centennial Blvd N(NDSU)
Centennial Rose Dr S
Chelsea Ln S
Cherry Ln N
Christianson Pkwy S
Circle Dr N (Edgewood Trailer Court)
Claire Dr S
Clock Tower Ln S
Clover Ln N(Meadow Park Trailer Ct N)
Clubhouse Dr S
Cobblestone Ct S
College St N
Columbus Cir S
Community Homes (Apartment Complex)
Copperfield Ct S
Countryside Trailer Ct S
Coventry Dr S
Crofton Ln S
Cypress Ln S

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Daisy Ln N(Meadow Park Trlr Ct N)
Dakota Dr N
Dakota Park Cir S
Deer Creek Pkwy S
Demores Cir S
Demores Dr S
Domingo Rd S (Buena Vista Trailer Court)
Dorothea Ct S
Douglas Dr S

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Eagle Park Dr S (private drive)
Eagle Pointe Dr S
Eagle St N
East Country Club Dr S
East Gateway Cir S
East Lynmar N (Edgewood Trailer Court)
East Rose Creek Pkwy S
Eastgate Dr S
Eddy Ct S
Edgemont St N
Edgewood Dr N
Edgewood Trailer Court
El Cano Dr S
El Tora Blvd S (Buena Vista Trailer Court)
El Tora Cv S(Buena Vista Trailer Court)
Elm Cir N
Elm St N
Elmwood Ave S
Estate Dr S(private drive)
Evergreen Cir N
Evergreen Rd N

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Fayland Dr N
Fairway Rd N
Farmstead Ct S
Fiechtner Dr S
Fillmore St S
Flickertail Cir S
Flickertail Dr S (See South Flickertail Dr S)
Forest Ave N
Fremont Dr S (Bluemont Lakes)
Froemke Ln N
Frontier Way S
Furnberg Pl S

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Gateway Dr S
Gibraltor Ave N (Riviera Height's Trailer Court)
Glen Cir S (15 St S)
Gold Dr S
Golden Ln S
Golden Valley Pkwy S
Golf Course Ave N
Great Northern Dr N
Great Plains Dr S

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Hackberry Dr S
Harrison St S
Harvest Dr S
Harwood Dr S
Hawthorne St S
Hickory St N
Highpointe Dr N (private drive)
Holes Dr N
Houkom Ct S

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Interstate Blvd S
Ironwood Ct S

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Jackson St S
Jefferson St S
Juniper Ct S

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Kandi Ln N
Kelly St N
Kennedy Ct N
Kennedy St S
Keno St N (Riviera Height's Trailer Court)
Kirsten Ln S

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La Casa Way S (Buena Vista Trailer Court)
Larado Dr S (Buena Vista Trailer Court)
LaVonne Ct S
Leahy Ave S
Lee Ln S
Lilac Ln N
Lincoln St S
Linden Ave S
Lindenwood Dr S
Loden Ct S
Lone Tree Rd S (private drive)
Longfellow Rd N
Lower Terrace N

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Machinery Row Ave N
Madison Ave N
Madison Square Dr S (private drive)
Maple St N
Maple Valley Dr S
Maplewood Ct S
Martens Way S
Marion St S
May Ln N (Edgewood Trailer Court)
Meadow Creek Cir S
Meadow Creek Dr S
Meadowlark Ln N
Meadow Park Trailer Ct N
Mills Ave N
Monroe St S
Monte Carlo Dr N (Riviera Height's Trailer Court)
Montego Ave S (Buena Vista Trailer Court)
Mountain Maple Ct S

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NDSU Research Cir N
NDSU Research Park Dr N
NDSU Technology Cir N
Nodak Dr S
Norman Ct S
North Flickertail Dr S
North River Rd N
North Terrace N
North Woodcrest Dr N
Northern Pacific Ave N

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Oak Manor Ave S
Oak Manor Trailer Ct S
Oak St N
Oakcreek Dr S
Oakland Ave S
Oakwood Ct S
Osgood Pkwy S

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Pacific Dr S
Page Dr S
Par St N
Park Ave S
Park Blvd S
Park Dr S
Park Ln N
Parkview Cir S
Parkview Dr S
Parkview Ln S
Patricia Cir S
Peterson Pkwy N
Pierce St S 
Pine Pkwy S 
Plumtree Rd N
Polk St S
Ponderosa Pl S 
Prairie Grove Ave S
Prairie Ln S
Prairiewood Cir S
Prairiewood Xing S
Prairiewood Dr S
Prairiewood Dr W (See West Prairiewood Dr S)
Prairiewood Meadows
Prosperity Way S (Private Road)

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Rainier Rue St N(Riviera Height's Trailer Court)
Redwood Ln SRiver Dr S
Riverview Place
Riverwood Dr N
Riviera Height's Trailer Court
Rocking Horse Cir S
Rocking Horse Rd S
Roger Maris Dr S
Rose Creek Blvd S
Rose Creek Dr S
Rose Creek Pkwy E (See East Rose Creek Pkwy S)
Rose Creek Pkwy S
Royal Oaks Dr N
Russet Ave S
Ruth Dr S

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Saffron Dr S
Samuel Dr S
San Juan Dr S (Buena Vista Trailer Court)
Santa Cruz Dr S (Buena Vista Trailer Court)
Santiago Blvd S (Buena Vista Trailer Court)
Seter Pkwy S
Shawnas Pl S
Short St N
Sienna Dr S
Silverleaf Dr S
Smylie Ln S
South Bay Dr S
South Dr S
South River Rd S
South Terrace N
South Flickertail Dr S
South Woodcrest Dr N
Southgate Dr S

Southwood Dr S
Spencer Ln S
Sterling Rose Ln S
Sundance Cir S
Sundance Dr S (private drive)
Sundance Sq S (private drive)
Sunflower Ln S
Sungate Dr S
Sunshine Ln N( Meadow Park Trlr Ct N)

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Tanner Ave S
Taylor St S
Thunder Rd S
Timber Creek Cir S
Timberline Cir S
Timberline Dr S
Tom Williams Dr S (private drive)
Townsite Pl S
Tree Lane Trailer Ct S
Tucker Point(Apartment Complex)
Tuscan Ct S
Tyler Ave S

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Umber Ct S
Urban Plains Dr S

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Van Buren St S
Veterans Hospital
Veteran's Blvd S
Victoria Rose Dr S
Victoria Rose Ln S
Viking Cir S
Villa Dr S
Village Ln S

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Waco Ln S
Walsh Ave S
Washington St S
Waterford Dr S (private drive)
West Country Club Dr S
West Gateway Cir S
West Lynmar N (Edgewood Trailer Court)
West Prairiewood Dr S
Westgate Dr S
Westrac Dr S
Wheatland Dr S
Wheatland Pines Dr S
Whispering Creek Cir S (private drive)
Whitestone Cir S
Willow Rd N
Windwood St S (private drive)
Woodbury Ct S (private drive)
Woodbury Park Dr S (private drive)
Woodhaven Dr S
Woodhaven St S
Woodland Dr NE

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Administration Ave N
Albrecht Blvd N(north end)
Albrecht Blvd N(south end)
Bolley Dr N
Centennial Blvd N
NDSU - Center East Area
NDSU - Northeast Area
NDSU - Southeast Area
NDSU - Southwest Area
NDSU - Center West Area
University Village

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7 Ln S
9 Avenue Cir S
13 Cir S
20 Street Cir S
26 1/2 Ct S
27 Cir S
35 1/2 Court Ave S
58 Ct S

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Midtown Dam
North Dam
South Dam