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Kids' Fire Safety Links and Worksheets

U.S. Fire Administration for Kids Boy and Turtle
On this Web site, you will find short lessons about fire escape planning, smoke alarms and general home fire safety. It is recommended that an adult guide children through the lessons.

Sparky the Fire Dog
Learn about fire trucks, read the story about Sparky the fire dog, play in the arcade and enjoy many other fire safety games.

Kids Fire Safety Worksheets
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  911 Worksheet  Word  PDF
  A Real Fire Story  Word  PDF
  Burn Prevention  Word  PDF
  Dot to Dot  Word  PDF
  Dot to Dot Evens  Word  PDF
  Dot to Dot Odds  Word  PDF
  Missing Letters  Word  PDF
  Crossword Puzzle 1  Word  PDF
  Crossword Puzzle 2  Word  PDF
  Name Badge  Word  PDF
  Paper Hat  Word  PDF
  Word Find 1  Word  PDF
  Word Find 2  Word  PDF
  Word Find 3  Word  PDF
  Word Scrabble  Word  PDF
  Hot Stuff  PDF
  Paper Cup Puppet  JPG  PDF
  Smoke House  Word  PDF
  Stay Low and Go  Word  PDF