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History - Part 2

1893 Great Fire
Aftermath of the Great Fargo Fire - 1893


Fargo Hose Company #2 was formed.

Chamber of Commerce was incorporated.

Cass County Court House was constructed.

May 16 - Fargo Opera House fire.

Dec. 7 - Yerxa Hose Company was formed, and Fargo Hose Company #2 passed out of existence.


February - Fire alarm system was installed with 15 alarm boxes placed at strategic locations.

The office of chief became a full-time paid position at $1,200 per year salary.


Nov. 17 - Continental Hotel at 2nd Avenue and Broadway destroyed by fire.


A. Cantieny was appointed chief.

October - Water pumping plant crippled by low water.


Team of horses, "Major" and "Edwards", was purchased for $400 to pull a hose cart.

Feb. 27 - Rescue Hook & Ladder #1 was formed.

July 25 - Tornado hits Fargo, but no lives lost.


F.F. Putnam appointed chief.

North Dakota becomes a state.

May 6 - Tornado again hits Fargo, with much property damage.

Sept. 3 - Joseph Hoefer died in line of duty. He is thought to be first Fargo fire fighter to lose his life while fighting fire. Buried in Holy Cross cemetery.


H.J. Rusch appointed chief.

A tornado kills seven persons in the city.

Fargo hosts Fireman's Tournament.

June 8 - NP Depot fire occurred at 6 a.m., and the building was destroyed.

October - The city purchases water system from Fargo Water & Steam Company.


A. Cantieny appointed chief for third time.

James Sutherland joined Yerxa Hose Company. He spent 44 years as a fireman and served as Chief from 1903 - 1935.


Fred Bowers appointed chief.


C.B. Wade is appointed chief.

June 7 - At 2:15 p.m., a fire began behind Herzman's Dry Goods Store at 512 Front Street. The fire had run its course by 7 p.m. after covering 160 acres and leaving a loss of $4 to $5 million in its wake.

June 8 - W.H. Johnson of Rescue Hook and Ladder died of burns sustained in the fire. Buried in Holy Cross Cemetery.

October - A new fire hall was constructed at NP Avenue and Roberts Street.


Gamewell Fire Alarm System installed at a cost of $3,300.

Feb. 7 - New hook and ladder truck purchased from W.S. Nott Co. for $987.

J.W. Childers was appointed chief.

Fire Department inventory included two ladder trucks, three hose wagons, 3,600 ft. of hose and four horses.

June 12, 13, 14 - Eleventh Annual Firemen's Convention.


Received $1,146.91 from State Dept. of Insurance for insurance premiums written in the city. This money was used for fire department maintenance.


F.E. Davis was appointed chief.


Damaging flood occurred.

June 12 - Headquarters Hotel destroyed by fire.


Arthur Bassett appointed chief.


Jesse Reese appointed chief.

Ed Johnson died in a fireworks explosion while fireworks were being prepared for celebration.


K.M. Hagen appointed chief.

First chemical engine purchased.

May 17 - Webster Block destroyed by fire.

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