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July 2, 2008 Minutes

Members Present:   Jeremy Gorden,  Mark Bittner,  Norm Scott,                  
                                 Al Weigel,  Mark Williams,  Mike Williams,                              
                                 David Todd                 

Others Present:   None

Commissioner Williams called the meeting to order at 4:00 PM.

1.   Approve minutes from May 7, 2008, regular meeting:
Norm Scott motioned, Al Weigel seconded and the motion passed unanimously.

2.   Discuss Street Maintenance Ordinance and possible changes to it: 
Al Weigel presented a map to the committee outlining the 5 new proposed cleaning districts.  The districts would be set up for one day prior to garbage pick up, making it easier for the public to keep track of the cleaning day.  Another benefit to this scenario is when the move to automated trash pickup takes place in the future, the streets would be freshly cleaned making it easier for garbage pick up.  The downside to this scenario is that the restriction would be from 8 am to 5 pm on all streets and avenues for the entire zone.  To help minimize this downside, the parking restrictions would coincide with business hours.

Mark Bittner asked about a snow emergency situation where a large event happens, above a set threshold, so that immediate cleaning would be required on all streets.  He pointed out that on snow emergency routes, cars can be towed off the street for cleaning, but that the routes are posted so people know in a large event that they need to move their vehicle.  Al responded that an automated call system is an option being discussed, as well as using the media to get the word out that cars need to be moved on a different day.

Jeremy Gorden pointed out that currently there are roughly 1400 snow maintenance signs in the city, and that with the new system being city wide, approximately 4300 signs will be needed.  The sheeting on the signs, about $10 per square foot, comes out to roughly $65,000 to sign, not including labor.  The labor to install would either be done by the Sign and Signal shop or farmed out to contractors.

Al explained that with the current system, there are snowed in cars that leave drifts behind after they have been moved, requiring plows to be sent back to areas to clean up before ice can form.  With the new system, being able to get curb to curb in an entire section, this will reduce the amount of going back to get problem areas.  Along with this efficiency, it will also reduce the number of man hours needed, and diesel fuel consumed to keep the streets clean.  There are other issues that come up with the current system as well, that will be reduced, resulting in greater efficiency with snow removal, outside of large events.

Mark also brought up the issue of streets that are too narrow to allow parking on both sides.  He mentioned that if we go to a new street maintenance parking policy, we should also be looking at what streets should have parking removed entirely from one side or the other to satisfy both the Street Department and Fire Department.

Commissioner Williams brought up 4 main issues: we need to examine what streets need to be looked at closer with respect to allowing parking on both sides, what businesses would be affected by the new policy, what the benefits vs. costs would be, and what the total cost of implementation would be. He also suggested that each department put together an informational presentation for the City Commission.

3.   Other Business:
With no further business, the meeting adjourned at 4:45 pm.