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December 5, 2012 TTAC Minutes


Members Present:         Commissioner Mike Williams, Jeremy Gorden, David Todd, April Walker,

                                      Ben Dow, Norm Scott

Others Present:             Mark Johnson

Commissioner Williams called the meeting to order at 4:00 PM.

1.      Approve Minutes from July 5, 2012
Due to the length of time since the last meeting, Commissioner Williams passed on approving minutes.

2.      Discuss No Parking on 9 1/2 St. N. between 25th and 28th Ave. N.
Jeremy Gorden introduced this topic with the background behind the winter parking signs. Tom Lawrence spoke to the committee about the neighborhood and explained that his street has never had an issue with parking during the winter and the petition that was submitted was to remove the winter seasonal restriction. Further discussion took place and the item was tabled while Ben Dow meets with the property owners on the block. This item will be revisited at the January 2, 2013 Traffic Technical Advisory Committee Meeting.

3.      Discuss Parking in the Alley Righ-of-Way
Ben Dow brought this to the committee, as there are many alleys that the Street Department has a hard time maintaining. A recent lawsuit against the City of Fargo has shined a light on a problem that has been overlooked in the past. People park in the alley making it difficult for the Street Department to maintain the alley, creating a safety hazard for the general public and making it more difficult for emergency response. Ben Dow wanted to bring this issue before the Traffic Technical Advisory Committee for some direction and to begin a public dialog to make the citizens of Fargo aware of the problem as changes are made to the way alleys are maintained.

4.      Other Business
With no other business the meeting was adjourned at 4:35pm.