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August 6, 2008 Minutes

Members Present:   Jeremy Gorden,  Norm Scott,  Mark Bittner,                  
                                 Mike Williams,  David Todd,  Mark Williams

Others Present:   Jean Syverson,  Gary Einer

Commissioner Williams called the meeting to order at 4:00 PM.

1.  Approve minutes from July 2, 2008, regular meeting.
Jeremy Gorden motioned, Mark Bittner seconded and the motion passed unanimously.

2.  Discuss Request to turn 11th St S between 13th Ave S & 14th Ave S 
      into a 1-way street

Jeremy Gorden told the Committee that he received a request from Grace Lutheran School last October proposing 11th St S to a northbound one-way.  The request was brought before TTAC with no resolution adopted, but with direction to the Fire and Police Departments to investigate the benefits and issues with the proposed change.
Gary Einer from Grace Lutheran School addressed the committee outlining the major safety issues.  He said that the major safety issue with the current configuration is that children are routinely crossing the street from the west side of 11th St S to get to the school, placing them in the path of oncoming traffic.  With the adoption of a one-way configuration, the passenger doors will be oriented to the sidewalk, allowing the children to exit their vehicles without being in the driving lane, and the largest safety issue with this would be a parent getting out of the vehicle, but being adults, they are more aware of the traffic situation.   Grace Lutheran School is in the process of adding a sidewalk the length of the school to provide a facility for exiting students to more easily get to the school.
Mark Bittner had discussed the school bus backing into the driveway on the north side of Grace Lutheran school and the safety issue that this presents.  Mr. Einer pointed out that the school only has the one bus, and it backs in for field trips and afternoon pickup only.
Commissioner Williams discussed a curb cutout in front of the school for bus and parent traffic, but Jeremy Gorden recommended leaving the street like it is.  Currently there is parking on the west side of 11th St, with no parking in front of the school.  Sundays parking is allowed on both sides of the street, during church services.
Dave Todd discussed the northbound traffic and their accessibility to 13th Ave S.  Mr. Einer pointed out there is a northbound lane currently and that parents have adapted to making only right turns onto 13th Ave S.  The parents have learned that the volume of traffic on 13th Ave S prohibits a safe left turn movement, and when they leave the school, they go right to 10th St S and proceed from there.
Jeremy Gorden sent out letters to the surrounding property owners and few residents responded.  The church and the school are both in favor, and as they front the street, Jeremy feels the request should be approved.  Jim Hinderacker seconded the motion.
A further discussion followed about the parking on the street and the conflict with minimum width that the Fire Department needs for their trucks to have access.  Jeremy Gorden feels that the parking should remain unchanged because the only change on the street is the direction of traffic flow.  The consensus was to keep an eye on the street, but to approve the motion without change.
A vote was held, Norm Scott and Commissioner Williams voted Nay, the rest voted Aye, passing the motion to approve changing 11th St S to a northbound one-way with parking to be reviewed at a future date.

3.  Other Business
Mark Bittner asked about the status of the Snow Maintenance Parking Ordinance changes.  Commissioner Williams said Al Weigel has been working on a cost benefit analysis of the change.  Jeremy Gorden said he has reviewed street widths around the city, and approximately 90% of the residential streets are 30 foot streets.  If the city were to require parking on only one side of the street for 30 foot streets, it would eliminate a lot of parking in town that has been in place for many years.  Commissioner Williams said this is an on going analysis and it will continue, and to bring these issues up with Al Weigel to incorporate into the upcoming city wide changes.

With no further business, the meeting adjourned at 4:30 pm.