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Storm Sewer Design and Construction

The Storm Sewer Utilities Division is also responsible for the design and construction of public facilities that convey stormwater runoff to the Red River.

The stormwater system includes storm sewer pipes, catch basins, inlets, special structures, pumping stations, and related facilities. Some components of the existing storm sewer system are well over 100 years old. The system is constructed of a variety of materials such as ductile iron, plastic, steel, brick, cast iron, cast-in place concrete, brick and concrete, vitrified clay and concrete.

Projects include extensions to the system, relief of certain storm sewers, as well as projects to rehabilitate or replace storm sewer systems that have experienced structural deterioration.

Through it all, the main goal of storm sewer design and construction within the City of Fargo is to provide the most efficient and affordable system that will be able to handle the runoff from storm events.

Fast Facts about Fargo's Storm Sewer System

  • Catchbasins and inlets: 8,339
  • Storm sewer manholes: 6,377
  • Storm sewer lift stations: 70
  • Total miles of storm sewer pipe in use: 365
  • If this amount of pipe were laid in a straight line, it would reach across the entire state of North Dakota, from Fargo to Beach.