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Required Application Information

When you apply for a building permit the City of Fargo Inspections Department (241-1561) will advise you of all permitting requirements.  The Inspections Department administers floodplain permits for buildings and general structures via the customary building permit process. 

For all other construction (dikes, levees, rock placement for bank stabilization or placing fill) a Floodplain Development Permit is required.  This permit is issued by the Engineering Department (241-1545) and is used to evaluate a set of minimum standards for development within the floodway and floodplain. 

Floodway encroachment*

Description and detailed plans of project
Feature drawings (scaled and with quantities)
Potential geotechnical evaluation as required by engineer
Hydraulic analysis – certified by a registered professional engineer
    of no adverse impact on the floodplain “no rise certificate”


Floodplain encroachment

Description of project
Type of material to be placed
Cubic Yard Quantity = [width x length x depth/27]
Location on the property (site map)
Drainage considerations (interior and exterior)
Potential geotechnical evaluation as required by engineer     


Minimum standards for earthen dike:

Impervious material
3:1 slope (minimum - flatter is better)
10-foot top width (minimum)
95% Compaction

      *Required in Floodway - highly recommended in floodplain encroachment