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Floodplain Development Permits


floodplain graphic

The City of Fargo, State of North Dakota and the United States Government have specific rules and requirements regarding development in areas designated as floodplain.  This includes but is not limited to permanent or temporary construction of structures, levees, dikes and placing earth fill. *Additional information may be necessary to receive the following permits.

Downloadable Form (print only, non-fillable): Floodplain Development Permit Application (PDF)

100-year Floodplain 

The Special Flood Hazard Area or 100-year floodplain is also identified on the FIRM.  This area has less restrictive requirements than the floodway.

Required certificates and permits

    • Engineering: Floodplain Development Permit (21-0604) non-structural 
    • Engineering: Erosion & Sediment Control Permit (37-03)
    • Inspections: Building Permit (21.01) buildings and structures
    • Elevation Certificate (FEMA Form 81-31)


Floodway means the channel of a river or other watercourse and the adjacent land areas that must be reserved in order to discharge the base flood without cumulatively increasing the water surface elevation more than 0.75 feet.   A floodway is the most restrictive regulatory environment and is formally mapped for identification on Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM).  Advanced permit requirements are necessary in this environment.   

Required certificates and permits 

    • Engineering: Floodplain Development Permit (21-0604) “non-structural”
    • (A certified hydraulic analysis is required as part of this permit – “no rise certificate”)
    • Engineering: Erosion & Sediment Control Permit (37-03)
    • Inspections: Building Permit (21.01) “structures”                                         
      *additional permits may apply in the floodway (Federal or State)

Areas Outside the Floodplain

Standard Development Regulations apply in this area.

Required permits

    • Engineering: Erosion & Sediment Control Permit (37-03) – land disturbing activities (NPDES)
    • Inspections: Building Permit (21.01) buildings and structures


River Channel

The river channel is commonly limited to public infrastructure.