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Revised Floodplain Map: Know Your Risk

FEMA has sole authority to place or remove property from the Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA).  Congress requires FEMA to remap floodplains periodically to reflect population growth. FEMA is currently revising Fargo's floodplain. The final revised map is not yet complete, however you can view the current floodplain map and the preliminary floodplain map below. The preliminary map was released July, 2012.

Map Disclaimer

By clicking the links to the maps provided below, you acknowledge that the information provided here is preliminary and subject to change. This is not the final version of the new floodplain map and is presented here as the best information available at this time. The City is not responsible for any future changes to this map.

View FEMA Preliminary Floodplain Map

View FEMA Current Floodplain Map

*Be sure to read the map legend carefully before studying the map.

Additional Resources

Learn more about how the City of Fargo is working to reduce your flood risk.