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Information About Your Property

Homeowner FAQs

Residents with property in high risk flood areas or in areas protected by temporary flood walls should be aware of a few important facts about their role and the role of the City during a flood.

View printable homeowner FAQs pdf.

Fargo residents can find out detailed information about their property's flood risk by accessing the Interactive Flood Stage Map below. During a flood emergency, a kiosk will also be available at the Main Fargo Public Library, 102 3rd St North, which will provide computer access to maps, elevation information and printed flood material.

Flood Information Hotline: 701-476-4199

Interactive Flood Stage Map Estimate of river stage and possible impact to your property.
Floodway & Floodplain Map  FEMA maps showing the 100 year floodplain.
1 Foot Elevation Contours with Aerial Photographs  Detailed elevations for river and drain corridor properties.
Red River Basin LiDAR Product Viewer Citywide elevation data.


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