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Restoration and Incentive Programs

Yard Restoration Program

The City of Fargo has established a yard restoration program for damage caused in the construction of primary levees to protect the city during flooding. Eligible costs may include vegetation or tree replacement, irrigation system repairs, damaged concrete or paver blocks and other incidentals related to sandbag placement. The program is limited to private property and does not cover the public boulevard.

yard photo 

To be eligible, the property owner must have had a claim filed with their own insurance company. Claims must be submitted to the City of Fargo Planning Department. The application form and additional information may be obtained by downloading the form or by calling the Planning Department at 241-1474.

2013 Yard Damage Restoration Application(pdf)

Flood Protection Incentive Program

The Flood Protection Incentive Program (FPIP) is a local, annually budgeted, flood mitigation grant program for at risk property owners. Property owners who meet the location eligibility criteria (adjacent to the Red River, a Coulée, or in some cases, a Legal Drain) may competitively apply for the grant. There are stipulations, but generally the program helps qualified property owners pay the cost of levee or floodwall construction up to 75% or $10,000.

Incentive program details and application(pdf)