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Emergency Dike Locations

Emergency diking will take place at the following locations in correlation with the Red River stage at Fargo.

River Stage (ft) Street Location Type of Dike
30'  2nd St North  1st - 5th Ave  Earth 
31'  2nd St South  Main Ave -
Dike East
34' Oak St North 8th - 11th Ave Earth
36' University Dr/
Rose Creek
Agassiz Nursery
35' South Terrace At 125 South
36' 15th Ave North Elm Street Flood wall panels
36' 14th Ave North Oak - Elm Street Earth
36' Oak Grove Area Secondary Levees Earth
36' 2nd/3rd St North 1st - 5th Ave
Secondary Levee
36'                64th Ave S Drain 53 Earth
37' Lindenwood Dr 3rd Street Earth
37' 25th St South 52nd Avenue Earth
37' North River Road North of 723/724
North River Rd
38' 52nd Ave South West of 45th Street Earth/Gravel
38' Riverwood Dr/
University Dr
North of 46th Ave N Earth
38' 32nd Ave North Eagle Street Earth
38' Southwood Dr 811 Southwood
Secondary Levee
38' 40th Ave SW Drain 27 Earth/Gravel
39' 32nd Ave S Red River Earth
39' I-94 East of 5th St Earth
39' 37th Ave North At North leg of
N Broadway
39' Edgewood Golf
Entry Road Earth
39.5' Rosewood Park Raise Rose
Coulee Levee
40' 12th Ave N Red River Earth
40' I-29 Drain 27 Earth
40' Rose Creek/
Centennial School
Secondary Levee Earth
40' South River Road Belmont Park
Secondary Levee
40.2' Main Avenue Bridge Flood wall