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A Message from Mayor Walaker


walaker photo
Mayor Walaker

April 15, 2013

The National Weather Service (NWS) forecast suggested two weeks ago that there was a 50% chance for a 38’ flood in Fargo; with a 10% chance just under 41’. Now it appears that has become reality.
Today, the NWS stated that the 10% probability was based on snow and rain that occurred over the weekend. What we all must realize is that the weather is extremely dynamic.

There is a prediction for another storm coming into the region on Wednesday that could add another potential foot of snow to the southern basin. This has changed my reasoning and feeling about the crest level dramatically. Based on this knowledge, I have visited with staff and directed them to restart sandbag filling operation to fill another 500,000 sandbags. Combined with the 1.3 million we currently have in storage this will bring us to 1.8 million.

I don’t think we can wait for a deterministic forecast from the Weather Service before we act. This is certainly a change in strategy. It’s an anomaly like the unusual spring last year. I’ve also directed staff to work with homeowners that are on our buyout lists to move as quickly as possible in securing homes that have willing sellers. In addition, I’ve instructed the staff to identify areas that need earth or trap bag protection that were not going to be installed at the 38’ levels, but will require protection now.

Mayor Dennis Walaker