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Mickelson Field Area

In an emergency flood fight, the City of Fargo must install a temporary earthen levee on Oak Street from 8th Avenue North to 11th Avenue North. In an effort to reduce the reliance of temporary measures during emergency flood fighting efforts, the City, with assistance from Houston Engineering, has developed a project plan that will construct a large earthen levee in Mickelson Field along with constructing a new storm sewer lift station structure. The design has been developed & refined with input from the Fargo Park District & the surrounding neighbors to try and reduce the impacts to the existing park facilities.

Two public neighborhood meetings were held on July 12, 2012 & November 19, 2012. At these meetings, City staff received comments on the design layout & these comments were incorporated into the design as much as possible.

Construction Timeline

This project was bid on September 11, 2013 and Griffin Construction was selected as the contractor for the project. Work began in the fall of 2013 with the relocation of utilities, removal of fencing and trees/vegetation located within the footprint of the new levee and the start of levee construction. During the 2014 construction season, the earthen levee along with a new storm sewer lift station was completed in the eastern portion of the Mickelson Field area. During the 2015 construction season the contractor has completed the construction of a new recycling center located in the southeast corner of the project area adjacent to the new levee along with a bike bath that parallels the west side of the levee. The contractor will return in 2016 to install a concrete access road leading up to the storm sewer lift station near 9th Avenue North as well as an access road leading up to a gatewell structure near the 11th Avenue North/Elm Street intersection. A fence surrounding the storm sewer lift station will also be installed in 2016.

The City of Fargo applied for and was awarded a FEMA grant to cover up to 75% of the eligible construction costs for this project.