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Harwood, Hackberry and River Drive Flood Mitigation Project

The City of Fargo with the assistance from Houston Engineering has been developing a project along the river corridor from 32nd Avenue to slightly south of 40th Avenue South. The City intends to construct a permanent levee along with storm sewer improvements along large portions of this area. The storm sewer will include the combination of two existing storm sewer lift stations and additional rearyard storm sewer collection improvements. This is phase 1 for this project area with future phases of construction being dependant on the current voluntary acquisition process. Once additional homes can be purchased in sufficient quantity another project can be completed to fill in the gaps in the proposed levee alignment.

Construction Timeline

A neighborhood meeting was held June 17, 2014 to discuss the proposed project from 32nd Avenue to 40th Avenue along the Red River corridor. Neighborhood comments will be incorporated into the final design project. This project was initially bid in the fall of 2014 and the bids were rejected. It is anticipated this project will be re-bid during the beginning of March 2015 with construction starting around the later portion of May 2015.  The levee work should be completed during September 2015 and the storm sewer lift station near 35th Avenue South will be completed during the month of November 2015.

December 7, 2016 Update

The acquisition of properties required to complete this project has been a slow process. It is anticipated that some of these property acquisitions will not be completed until late 2017, which would push final levee construction back to the 2018 season.

Project Resources:

Project Overview Maps (PDF)

Public Meeting June 17, 2014

Presentation (PDF) (powerpoint)

Comment Sheet