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Drain 27/Prairie Rose Area Flood Risk Reduction Project

In the summer of 2013, the City hired Houston Engineering to assist in developing a project within the Prairie Rose and Mistwood Townhome neighborhoods to reduce the reliance on temporary measures during an emergency flood fight.  The project being developed will also be compatible with the City-wide Comprehensive Plan for possible future accreditation of levee systems.  These areas required the City to install emergency measures during the 2009 and 2011 spring flood fights to provide protection to the neighborhood area.

Houston Engineering has developed multiple options that were considered by the City.  Multiple factors went in to the decision process of which projects should be evaluated further, such as geotechnical stability, private property impacts, flood protection levels, etc.   From these developed options, three were identified to be carried forward.  

These three options were presented to the neighborhood at a meeting on September 19, 2013.  After this meeting, the City completed a neighborhood walk thru to further discuss these options with the property owners along with completing further evaluation of the options proposed.  After this walk thru and from reviewing the comments, it was determined that modifications were needed to be completed to the options. 

These modifications resulted in three options still being carried forward, which were presented to the neighborhood at a meeting on November 4, 2013.  All three options propose varying property acquisitions with the exception of 26 properties.  These 26 properties would need to be acquired no matter what option is selected. So on the November 12, 2013 City Commission meeting, staff will be requesting approval from the Commission to move forward with the acquisitions of these properties under the voluntary acquisition program.

The voluntary acquisition and removal of 22 of the 26 homes in Prairie Rose Addition was completed during the summer of 2014.  Houston Engineering has been hired to design and administer the construction of flood control levees and storm sewer improvements through this area in 2015.

Houston Engineering was also hired in 2014 to design and administer the construction of a portion of floodwall along the north side of 40th Avenue South near the 32nd Avenue South intersection.  The multiple utility relocations and the reconstruction of 40th Avenue South were completed during 2014.  In the spring of 2015, the floodwall construction is anticipated to commence.  The 40th Avenue South corridor will remain open for traffic, but lane shifts may be necessary to accommodate the construction on the north side of the roadway.  The floodwall/levee construction and pedestrian pathways are scheduled to be completed by fall of 2015.

The floodwall along 40th Avenue South and the clay levee through the Prairie Rose addition will complete the first two phases of the drain improvements through this area by the end of 2015. Looking to the future and the final phase that will connect the previously mentioned projects, a public meeting was held May 12, 2015 to discuss the options for flood protection alignments and their associated impacts to the surrounding area. Several more home acquisitions along with a flood protection easement will be required to complete the flood control line of protection through this area under each of the proposed and discussed layouts. This final construction phase is anticipated to commence in 2016.

December 7, 2016 Update

The final portion of this project is dependent on two final property acquisitions. Once these properties have been acquired, the final levee can be constructed. Construction is anticipated to take place during the summer/fall of 2017.

Project Resources:

Project Maps

Original 3 Options

Option 1A
Option 2A
Option 3A

Current 3 Options

Option 1A
Option 1B
Option 3B

Public Meetings

September 19, 2013

Presentation (PDF)

Comment Sheet

November 4, 2013

Presentation 2 (PDF)

May 12, 2015

Presentation (PDF)