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4th Street South Levee Project

This levee has been identified as part of the FEMA PALS program (Provisionally Accredited Levee System) to be certified under FEMA construction standards.  Upon certification, the surrounding parcels will continue to be shown as removed from the FEMA floodplain of the proposed FEMA maps presently under review.  Once construction and certification have been documented and approved, parcels protected by these improvements will able to buy flood insurance at the preferred rates, as they are able to do today.

This proposed project is located from approximately 13th Avenue South to 2nd Street South (which intersects 4th Street South near Dike West). There are two areas of instability along the existing flood levee system which will be corrected by moving a portion of the existing levee westward and the removal of a block retaining wall at 10th Avenue South.  The storm lift station and flood/utility closures will also be upgraded as a portion of the project.  Several alternatives were evaluated for the alignment of the proposed improvements and this information is available as part of the presentation given on December 18, 2012, and available below in a PDF document.

Construction timeline

The estimated cost of the proposed preferred project is two million dollars.  This includes the property acquisition, levee construction and gate/lift station closure improvements.  Bids are to be received and awarded by the end of April or early May with construction/acceptance anticipated to be completed by the end of the fall season.