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Rose Creek Parkway

Prior to the spring flood of 2011, the City of Fargo acquired & demolished three flood prone properties at the north end of Rose Creek Parkway.  In an effort to minimize the amount of temporary flood control measures needed to protect properties in the southern Rose Creek Development during future flood events, the City of Fargo will construct an earthen levee across the vacant properties as shown on the project overview (presentation link located to the right).

The City of Fargo will also demolish the old storm sewer lift station near the 25th Street bridge over Rose Coulee.  The new storm sewer lift station is located in the center of the new levee, for improved performance & reliability.

Key Contracting is the contractor performing the levee work and lift station construction.  The anticipated construction schedule is included near the end of the project overview.

Project Resources:

Public Meetings

August 4, 2011

August 4 Presentation (PDF)