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Coulees Crossing Flood Risk Management

Prior to the 2011 spring flood, the City of Fargo installed a temporary earth levee in the Coulees Crossing Addition, from Rose Creek Parkway to 25th St. S.  During the summer of 2011, the City converted the portion of levee that is located on the west side of Coulees Crossing to a permanent levee.  The south end of this levee is tied into the Meadow Creek levees that were also constructed in 2011.

The remaining portions of the temporary levee, located on the north side of Coulees Crossing, was reshaped, topsoiled and seeded.  This section of levee will remain in place until a project is completed in the Oakcreek addition, at which time it will be rebuilt in conjunction with the Oakcreek project. 

The total length of both sections of levee is approximately 1,350 feet.  H&S Contracting completed the construction at Coulees Crossing in 2011 with the total construction cost being $342,098.71.

Construction of these levees in Coulees Crossing reduces the City’s reliance on emergency measures during a flood along with reducing the cleanup and repair costs associated with an emergency flood fight. 

Locations of the levees can be viewed by clicking on the link in the column to the right.

Project Resources:

Project Map

Project Map (PDF)