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Citywide Comprehensive Plan

In the winter of 2012, the City of Fargo completed a comprehensive study on what type of flood risk reduction projects would need to be implemented in order to remove properties from the FEMA preliminary 100 year floodplain. This study only looked at areas within Fargo’s city limits and it identified $247 million dollars worth of projects (PDF) and property acquisitions that would need to be completed. Using this study, City staff prioritized which areas should be concentrated on in the upcoming years for future flood risk reduction projects. This prioritization was laid out in five phases and each phase can be viewed on this map (PDF).

In August 2012, the City Commission approved the “Immediate” phase shown in the map and on November 26, 2012, the City Commission approved moving forward with the property acquisitions identified in Phase 1. It is currently planned that these proposed acquisitions will occur in three rounds (PDF). The offers for the first round of property acquisitions will occur within the second quarter of 2013. The second and third rounds of offers will be extended during the third and fourth quarters of 2013. The offers to these properties will be made per the City's Voluntary Acquisition Policy (PDF).

At the November 26, 2012, City Commission meeting, the Commission also approved the list of properties (PDF) identified for acquisition within the citywide comprehensive plan. This list was developed by using the projects identified from the comprehensive plan. The projects identified were only completed at a concept level and further development will need to occur. Only properties approved for acquisition in 2013 by the City Commission will receive purchase offers from the City in 2013. All other properties will not receive offers until approved by City Commission in the upcoming years and only after the projects have been developed further verifying the need to acquire the properties. The City has adopted a Hardship Policy (PDF) for property owners identified for acquisition in future flood risk reduction projects. This policy is only for medical hardships.