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Public Participation Process

Study Review Committee (SRC)
The Study Review Committee will conduct five meetings to guide the study process and provide input at key points of the study process. This committee include representatives from the City of Fargo, City of Horace, North Dakota Department of Transportation, Cass County, Metropolitan Council of Governments and Stanley Township. 

Open House Public Meetings
The public meetings are open to the general public with special invitations sent to those who are living near the project area. Three public meetings will be held throughout the study process. The first meeting will to solicit input on existing conditions and opportunities for future development of the corridors. The second meeting will include future traffic projections and seek public input on proposed alternatives. The third and final public meeting will present and seek input for the draft corridor study report.

Fargo Planning Commission
The draft study report executive summary will be presented to the Fargo Planning Commission after the third public meeting. The planning commission will have the opportunity to review and comment on the draft recommendations.

Fargo City Commission
The final study report executive summary will be presented to the Fargo City Commission for consideration and adoption.