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NP Avenue & 1st Avenue North Corridor Development Plan

Project Overview

In the 1950s and 60s, one-way pairs were implemented in many cities across the U.S. (including Fargo) in an attempt to rid downtowns of traffic congestion. The relative efficiency of one-way streets in moving traffic and reducing congestion without street widening or the construction of new facilities was a common response to the shopping mall phenomenon and suburban migration.

During the 1990s, a trend around the U.S. began to convert some one-way streets back to two-way operations. It was not that the one-way street strategy failed, or that traffic volumes decreased.  However, the prevailing wisdom was that two-way streets could enhance a neighborhood’s environment; reduce speeds to levels more compatible with pedestrian traffic; and that a "busy" street could be an indicator of a healthy business environment.  Some cities have reported improved business climate, higher retail sales, better neighborhoods, and increased property values following conversions.  There are pros and cons for one-way streets and two-way streets, however conditions change with time and differ from one city or street to another. Read More (pdf)


The objective of this study is to analyze the current traffic operations and conditions germane to the NP Ave/1st Ave corridors; determine future downtown infrastructure needs, identify alternatives for the two corridors, analyze the impacts of each alternative with respect to cost, traffic operations, transit, safety, emergency vehicle movement, parking, loading zones, economic vitality, aesthetics, bicycling, and pedestrian movement.  In addition to the operational issues, the consultant must devote significant resources to analyze the potential economic, social, environmental, and development issues associated with the alternatives.

Mission Statement

This study will recommend a plan that accommodates all travelers; pedestrians, bicyclists, transit users and drivers.  The plan's design and safety features will improve the physical health of individuals, the environmental quality of the community and further increase opportunities for development.

Comments & Suggestions

If you have comments, suggestions or questions regarding the NP and 1st Avenue North Corridor Development Plan.  Please send an email to:

Final Draft Recommendations:

  Final Draft Study (pdf) 

  Final Draft Appendix - (pdf)

  Final Draft Presentation (ppt)


Project Resources:

Scope of Services

Public Participation Process   

Please fill out a survey & comment card with your suggestions/recommendations for the 1st and NP One-way corridor.

Bike/Ped/Transit Survey 

Comment Card

Project Information (pdf):

October 2010 - Executive Summary

Ch 1 - Corridor Needs & Issues

Ch 2 - Alternatives Development & Analysis   

   Alt. 1: 2 + 1 w/ bike lane   

   Alt. 2: 2-way, 2 lanes w/bike lane   

   Alt. 3: 1-way, 2 lanes w/bike lane

Economic Impact Analysis 

September 30, 2010 Meeting Announcement

Study Summary & Recommendations (Sept. 2010)

March 2 Presentation

March 2, 2010 Public Meeting Announcement

September 29, 2009 Handout

September 29, 2009 Transit Handout

Project Alternative Layouts:

March 2 Handout (Describes options including one-way (no change) option and two-way conversion options.)

September 30, 2010 Handout (Describes recommendations and alternatives for corridor development.)