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El Zagal Sanitary and Storm Sewer Improvements

Current Status: Updated December 14, 2012 

The contractor performed a startup of the lift station last week on Tuesday, December 4.  The pump station is now operational but will only be used during times of flooding on the Red River when runoff cannot flow freely to the river and must be pumped.

A Look Ahead

The project is now complete and this will be the final update for the project.

Project Scope

This project will reline a large diameter brick sewer located underneath El Zagal golf course with two separate pipes. The sanitary sewer under the golf course has water leaking into the pipe when Red River flood levels overtop the levee on Elm Street and fill the golf course with water. This project will insert two separate pipes through the existing sanitary sewer. One pipe will carry sanitary sewer flows through a special pipe without joints that will eliminate water leaks into the sanitary sewer system during times of flooding. A second pipe for storm water pumping will also be placed inside the old brick sanitary sewer and will discharge storm water directly to the Red River during flood events. An existing storm sewer structure in the south boulevard of 15th Avenue North. will be raised and a permanent pump station will be constructed that will eliminate the need for portable diesel pumps to be placed at this location to pump storm water.

Project Schedule and Completion

  • Project Start: March 30, 2012
  • Final completion date: October 26, 2012

Project Resources:

Project Maps and Pictures

Detour Map