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25th Street/64th Avenue Corridor Study

This study has been completed


Study Purpose:

The purpose of this corridor study was to examine existing and future needs of both 25th Street and 64th Avenue South in Fargo and plan for their future improvements. The study limits on 25th Street were from 52nd Avenue South to 100th Avenue South and the limits along 64th Avenue South will be University Drive to 57th Street. This study defined a series of recommendations to address the areas' short and long-term needs. The short-range recommendations included right of way preservation, traffic control and safety. The long-range needs included future roadway cross sections, drainage, horizontal alignment, access control and funding.

Due to the growth of this area, it was very important for the city to identify existing and future roadway sections and right-of-way needs and develop access management plans before more development occurs.

Project Issues:

Important issues that were analyzed and included in the study report included:

  • safety.
  • access control.
  • right-of-way needs/preservation.
  • preliminary roadway layouts.
  • overpass or interchange of I-29 at 64th Avenue South.
  • bicycle and pedestrian needs.
  • corridor aesthetics.
  • utility needs.
  • future project costs.
  • impact to existing residential property.
  • public input.
  • selection of a preferred alternative.

Project Resources:
Public participation process

Project newsletters in PDF format:
May 2008 (4 mb)
February 2008
August 2007
(Prepared by project consultant)

Project Maps:
(pdf format)

Preferred Alternative Layouts:
(pdf format)
25th Street South (67.7 MB)
64th Avenue South (60.9 MB)
25th Street and 64th Avenue Intersection (9.4 MB)