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2013 Seal Coat Project

Improvement District No. 6181

Current Status: Updated June 20, 2013

See the map on the right side of this page for project areas.  No parking signs have been posted for Sections 2, 1, and 4.  The contractor is planning to work in those sections, in that order, June 20 and/or June 21, depending on rain.  If time allows, work in Section 7 will begin late June 21. 

A Look Ahead

Work on all remaining sections will be next week, June 24-29.  No parking signs for next week's work will go up no earlier than Sunday, June 23.

Project Scope

This project includes applying a seal coat to the asphalt streets identified in this year's Capital Improvement Plan.  A seal coat extends the life of asphalt pavement by providing a more traffic and weather resistant surface. It involves spraying a blend of water and asphalt cement (emulsion) on the pavement surface, immediately followed by a rock chip application that is embedded into the emulsion. Excess rock chips are removed with a street sweeper within 48 hours of application. Seal coating is a fast moving operation, which has the benefit of a short application time (usually about 15 minutes per block, but the disadvantage of offering very little time to move vehicles once the contractor arrives in an area. As part of the project, the contractor will post “No Parking” signs a day or two before working in a given area. These parking restrictions are vital to the success of the project, as they allow the contractor a vehicle-free street for sweeping debris prior to the seal coat application. The parking restrictions will be in effect for 2 to 4 days, possibly longer if rain delays the application. Parking restrictions apply to daylight hours, as the contractor works from early in the morning until dark. Vehicles that are on a street when the contractor arrives to work on that street will be towed. Unless you have already recieved a notice regarding special assessments for this improvement district, the cost for this work will be paid by the City.

Project Schedule and Completion

•      Projected start date: June 20, 2013.
•      This project has 8 sections - See the map at right.
•      Substantial completion date: June 29, 2013.

Project Resources:

Project Maps and Pictures

2013 Seal Coat Area Map 

Sample No Parking Sign