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City of Fargo Ordinances

The current Fargo Municipal Code book, below, includes ordinances enacted through March 23, 2009 (Ord. No. 4701). Please see Fargo Municipal Code Supplement for Fargo ordinances that were approved by the city commission (including those which repeal or amend the existing Fargo Municipal Code and those which enact new code provisions) from and after March 23, 2009.

We provide this information for your convenience. It should not be considered an official source for complete ordinance contents. The text listed here may not include recent amendments or revisions, and errors are possible when information is being converted and transmitted. Some of the files listed on this page require Adobe Reader to view.

For the most current, complete and official version of a Fargo city ordinance, please contact the City Auditors office at (701) 241-1300.

Table of Contents - Ordinances (PDF file)

Home Rule Charter (PDF file)

Index to Fargo Municipal Code (PDF file)

   1. City Government - General Provisions

   2. Board of City Commissioners

   3. Finances

   4. Officers & Duties - General

   5. Police Department

   6. Pensions

   7. Civil Service

   8. Traffic Code

   9. Fire Protection & Prevention

   10. Public safety, Morals & Welfare

   11. Public & Sanitary Nuisances

   12. Control & Protection of Animals, Birds and Fowl

   13. Health Protection & Disease Prevention

   14. Dairy Product Regulation

   15. Civil Rights

   16. Waterworks System

   17. Sewers & Sewage

   18. Public Ways & Places

   19. Department of Forestry - Trees, Parks & Boulevards

   20. Land Development Code

   21. International Building Code

   22. Plumbing Code

   23. Electrical Code

   24. Franchises & Contracts

   25. Licensing & Regulating Businesses & Trades

   26. Aviation

   27. Civil Defense Council

   28. Miscellaneous

   29. Penalty Provisions, repealed

   30. International Mechanical Code

   30.1 International Fuel Gas Code

   31. International Property Maintenance Code

   32. Corporate Limits

   33. Housing & Redevelopment

   34. The Fargodome

   35. Sale of Tobacco Products

   36. Enterprises Under Home Rule Charter

   37. Storm Water Management (pdf)