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New City Hall Building Committee

Members of the New City Hall Building Committee were selected by Mayor Walaker and approved by the Fargo City Commission. The committee has been tasked with selecting an architect/engineering firm and overseeing the design of the new City Hall.

Committee Members

  • Melissa Sobolik
    Building Committee
  • Timothy Mahoney
    Building Committee
  • Ann McConn 
    Building Committee
  • John Gunkelman
    Building Committee
  • April Walker
    Building Committee
    City Engineer
  • Kent Costin
    Building Committee
    Finance Director
  • Pat Zavoral
    City Administrator
  • Bob Getz
    Auditorium Director
  • Sharon Odegaard
    Executive Assistant
  • Mike Williams
  • Tim Mahoney
  • Mark Bittner
    Director of Engineering
  • Nicole Crutchfield
    Planning Administrator
  • Ron Gronneberg
    Chief Information Officer
  • Jim Gilmour
    Planning Director