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Access channel policies (continued)

Sections 4 through 7

Section 4: Broadcast schedule

The programming schedule on the access channel is subject to change without notice for a variety of reasons, including equipment malfunction, operator error, failure of broadcasters to deliver their programs and discontinuation of programs.

Section 5: Public Access Program Sponsors

A sponsor is a person who makes a formal request that a program be aired on the access channel and assumes responsibility for the program complying with the access channel policies. A sponsor must:

  • live in the Fargo city limits;
  • have been a resident for at least 60 days;
  • provide his/her contact information;
  • complete a sponsorship application form; and
  • submit proof of Fargo residency annually upon request.

The programming director will review the sponsor’s application and notify the sponsor in writing whether the application has been accepted or rejected.

Program sponsors must provide their name, mailing address and phone number on their access channel application. By submitting a program to be aired on the access channel, the sponsor agrees to have his/her contact information provided to viewers who wish to contact the sponsor directly with questions or comments.

By submitting a program to be aired on the access channel, the sponsor acknowledges the following:

  • The sponsor has obtained all appropriate clearances for broadcast over the public access channel. This includes but is not limited to clearances from broadcast stations, networks, sponsors, music licensing organizations, performers’ representatives, authors, composers, people shown in the program, and any persons whose material is used in whole or part. 
  • The sponsor understands that any program he/she submits that violates any access channel policy is not authorized by the City of Fargo and the sponsor may be subject to a civil lawsuit or criminal prosecution.
  • The sponsor accepts full responsibility for the content of the program and the consequences of its presentation. 
  • The sponsor indemnifies and holds harmless the City of Fargo and its employees and agents from all liability, damage, injury, and judgments arising from or in connection with any claim relating to the broadcast of the program submitted for broadcast.

Section 6: Community Billboard

The City of Fargo maintains the content on the access channel’s community billboard and retains sole discretion on whether or not to post an event. We accept announcements from citizens and nonprofit organizations for events and programs in Cass and Clay counties. Events held by for profit businesses in which attendees must pay to attend or participate are prohibited. Sales events by for profit entities are prohibited. Announcements from groups and citizens outside Cass and Clay counties may also be posted at the city's discretion. 

Announcements should be submitted at least 10 business days in advance of the event being promoted to be guaranteed timely posting. The city is under no obligation to post announcements received less than 10 business days in advance of the event being promoted. 

Announcements should be 15 words or less and include desired start and end dates, along with the contact information for the person submitting the announcement. The city reserves the right to edit announcements to fit the space available.

No classified ads or business, political or commercial announcements will be accepted. No messages attempting to influence public opinion will be permitted, nor will messages containing obscenity, indecency, profanity or sexual content.

Announcements can be submitted to:
Fax: 701-476-4136
Postal mail: Fargo City Hall, 200 3rd St. N., Fargo, ND 58102

Section 7: Public Access Grievance Procedure

The programming director has the authority to:

  • approve or deny program sponsorship applications;
  • develop a programming schedule for the access channel;
  • approve, deny or edit community billboard content; and
  • enforce access channel policies.

A citizen who disagrees with a decision made the program director should first contact the director to outline his/her concerns. If the citizen is unsatisfied with the outcome of this discussion, he/she may complete a grievance form that can be obtained from the programming director. This form must be completed and delivered to the programming director within 30 days of the discussion with the program director.
The access channel board will review the completed grievance form at its next regularly scheduled meeting. The board may gather more information as necessary, and then determine whether the actions or decision of the program director should be upheld. The citizen who filed the grievance will be notified in writing of the board’s decision.
Citizens who are unsatisfied with decisions of the board may present their concerns to the Fargo City Commission, which has the authority to review, uphold, overturn, modify or place conditions upon the board’s decision.