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Venezuela: The Greatest Places

"An eco-travelers dream! See the best wild places in the Country and experience many different activities alongside it. The program starts at the northernmost part, the Paraguan peninsula. From there going south is a stop at Coro, the first European continental settlement in America. Go east to the Morrocoy National Park then travel to the middle of the Country where there is plenty of wildlife in the Orinoco floodable plains, the Llanos.

The second segment transports us to the Andes for the best adventure sports: canyoning, mountain biking, parasailing, pendulum jump and white water rafting.

The third segment takes us through the Amazonian forest to the Autana Tepui.

The fourth segment guides us to the southern Orinoco where we will travel on the Caura river to reach the Par Falls. Onward to the Canaima National Park, where the Tepuis rise from the Gran Sabana, where hundreds of rivers and thousands of waterfalls give this region its notable characteristic of being the Arthur Conan Doylee's Lost World.

The fifth segment starts in the Orinoco Delta where we will be told about the secrets of the rainforest by a Warao indian guide. Going south will meet the most powerful bird of prey on earth, the Harpy eagle. Then heading north we will stop at La Cueva del Gucharo.  At last but not least there is Los Roques, one of the few still virgin spots in the Caribbean."

Source of description: Green Planet Films