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No Room to Move

"No Room To Move explores the effect of urban sprawl on sensitive wildlife in Florida - developers entomb tortoises as they construct homes, and speeding cars kill bears as they cross Floridas busy roads. This thirty-minute documentary also examines how Florida could accommodate the needs of its wildlife and its growing human population through a development model known as The New Urbanism.

Floridas population is growing by nearly three residents every five minutes - the equivalent of a new city each year. Consequently, eighty thousand acres of rural lands are lost yearly.

Viewers will meet Holly Maro, a resident of Ocala, the city named sprawl capital of the country. Within her gated community neighbors have taken sides in a bitter conflict between development and wildlife. Viewers will also follow field biologist Josh Brown as he fights to save the smallest population of bear in the country.

The program also features interviews by Laurie Macdonald (Defenders of Wildlife, Sierra Club); and Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk (Architect, and Author of Suburban Nation)."

Source: Green Planet Films