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Desert Wilderness

"Cabeza Prieta, Spanish for "dark head," refers to a lava-topped, granite peak in a remote mountain range in the western corner of the refuge. This video explores the boundless desert that surrounds you in Cabeza Prieta, the third largest national wildlife refuge in the lower 48 states.

Here, seven rugged mountain ranges cast shadows over barren valleys once swept by lava. Endangered Sonoran pronghorn and lesser long-nosed bats call this parched land home, as do desert bighorns, lizards, rattlesnakes, and desert tortoises. Elf owls peer from holes carved in saguaros by Gila woodpeckers. Every plant and animal has adapted to life we would find uninhabitable.

Far from a barren desert, Cabeza Prieta NWR harbors as many as 391 plant species and more than 300 kinds of wildlife." 

(Source: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service)