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Bilby Brothers

"Bilby Brothers is the story of an extraordinary fight to build a fence that will enclose 25 square kilometres of one of Queenslands most remote and beautiful National Parks - Currawinya, and hopefully, save the fast-vanishing bilby from extinction.

The documentary focuses on the plight of the bilby, a small big eared, long nosed unusual creature of the Australian outback that has been marginalised by rabbits, feral predators and humans. But there are two humans that put the bilby first and have gone on to capture the imagination of their local community, politicians, government bureaucrat and the wider population because they have single handedly turned the tables on an almost extinct species.

Candy company Darrell Lea contributes a percentage of sales to Save the Bilby Fund, ($185,000AU to date) and the sanctuary has been built thanks to the chocolate eating Australian public and The Bilby Brothers, who have spent practically every waking moment of the past decade working to save this little oddball from extinction. Their work is a phenominal example of how one person CAN make a difference. "

Source of description: Green Planet Films