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Bercherof and Alaska Peninsula refuges

This program provides "an overview of the 5.5 million acres that encompass these two spectacular refuges.

Becharof National Wildlife Refuge lies between Katmai National Park and Preserve and Alaska Peninsula Refuge. The refuge is dominated by Becharof Lake, the second largest lake in Alaska. The lake covers one-fourth of the refuge and is surrounded by low rolling hills, tundra wetlands, volcanic peaks and to the east, the 477,000 acre Becharof Wilderness.

Alaska Peninsula Refuge is a land of spectacular beauty with rolling tundra, towering mountains, active volcanoes, and rugged coastlines. Encompassing some 3.5 million acres, the refuge is dominated by the Aleutian Range, part of a chain of volcanoes, the Ring of Fire, that encircles the Pacific Ocean. Designated a National Natural Landmark, 8,400 foot Mt. Veniaminof is a massive volcano with a base almost 30 miles across, larger than any active volcano on record."

(Source: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service)