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Access 99 Program Schedule

Access 99 logoAccess 99 airs on cable channel 99 in Fargo. The online schedule below will display the next week of programming. You can also monitor the schedule shown randomly on Access 99 to obtain a complete schedule of programming.

Mission Statement

The mission of Access 99 is to provide a community television station in which residents, nonprofit organizations, educational institutions and local government agencies may broadcast programming for the purposes of education, enhancement of culture and diversity, entertainment, and conveying of information.


We offer a basic schedule of recurring programs airing on this channel each month. You can view or download a word document of the schedule (updated September 2014). This will feature only recurring programs on the channel and will not include the other, single-episode programs added to the schedule each week.  

If you have a comment or suggestion about programming, please call our viewer hotline at 476-5999 or send an e-mail.