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Common types of Alcohol Licenses

The City of Fargo’s liquor license structure begins with two basic categories of licenses: those that require food sales and those that don’t. 

Licenses that don’t require food sales are thought of as a traditional on-sale bar (“A” license) or off-sale (“B” license) or a combination of on- and off-sale (AB). The terms on-sale and off-sale refer to whether liquor is sold for consumption within the business or off its premises.

Licenses requiring food sales are split between those that allow a bar and those that are not permitted to have a bar.

Those permitted to have a bar can provide full alcohol service (FA) or beer and wine (I) or just wine (W).

Licenses not permitted to have a bar can provide full alcohol service (F) or wine (G) or beer (H); many licensees choose to serve beer and wine (GH) together.

This list is not all-inclusive; there are many specialty licenses like the stadium license, the golf course license and the licenses at the airport. In addition, there are many other rule governing the sales and service of alcoholic beverages.  We urge you to contact the City Auditors office if you have questions regarding liquor licensing in the City of Fargo.