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Remodeling Exemption

All commercial properties are eligible for an exemption for up to five years of any value added due to certain remodeling projects.

The exemption is limited to the value added by the City of Fargo Assessor for improvements made to the property. Current city policy also allows exemptions for additions to commercial properties 25 years old and older in the Central Business District (CBD). The exemption basically freezes the value of the qualifying part of the structure at where it was prior to starting the remodeling project. The following table summarizes current cty policy regarding this business exemption:

Type Years exempted Building age Improvements Misc.
 Apartments   3  25-39  Remodeling and additions
 Apartments   5  40+  Remodeling and additions
 Commercial   3  All  Remodeling only  Outside CBD
 Commercial   3  1-24  Remodeling only  In CBD
 Commercial   5  25+  Remodeling and additions  In CBD

View a PDF for a detailed description of the exemption and a copy of the application form. You will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to open this file.

To apply for an exemption, please contact the City of Fargo Assesor's Office at 701-241-1340.